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What does strident mean? (nonstandard) Vigorous; making strides. (adjective) Dictionary ! Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Strident Sentence Examples.

Strident in a sentence

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Sentence with the word strident. They said they support religious freedom and want to push back against what they called the strident tone of some of the critics. "You suggest that the review is not being undertaken in good faith because we did not we did not ask you to contribute to what you describe as a strident report," stated Salz's letter, seen by MediaGuardian. Examples of strident in a Sentence The strident tone in his voice revealed his anger. Recent Examples on the Web The opposition to this has been particularly strident from the British pub sector, which is in the midst of a slow return to normal operations. It's difficult to see strident in a sentence.

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Demands for his resignation have become more and more strident. 2. Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher one of the Fed's most strident inflation hawks, said he was still not sure when the right time might be to begin pulling Stridency in a sentence 1.

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Strident in a sentence

The strident ringing startled him again, but this time he turned slowly, gazing at the phone. Strident definition is - characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound; also : commanding attention by a loud or obtrusive quality.

Examples of Stride in a sentence. When the interviewers saw their next candidate stride into the room with confidence they automatically considered him a serious contender. Examples of striding in a sentence: 1.
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Yancey's complaint : The NRA was not strident enough. The longer this lasts, the more strident the players sound. Feminists become strident women bent on denying the laws of nature. But that is precisely what happened once strident nationalists gained ascendancy.

2. He is stridently opposed to abortion. 3. An air raid warning stridently interrupted his thoughts. 4. The cheap clock ticked stridently.
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Strident in a sentence

2. How to use Strident in a sentence. 3. Synonym Discussion of Strident. 4. Having a shrill, irritating quality or character: a Strident tone in his writings.

"They said they support  21 Nis 2021 strident anlam, tanım, strident nedir: 1. A strident sound is loud, unpleasant, and rough: 2. expressing or expressed in forceful…. Daha fazlasını  Something that's strident is loud, grating, and obnoxious. Your roommate's strident laughter as he watches cartoons late into the night might inspire you to buy a  The dinosaur's stride dented the ground (strident). The dinosaur continued its way through the forest forcefully and loudly.

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A strident sound is loud, unpleasant, and rough: 2. expressing or expressed in forceful…. Learn more. 2009-02-13 strident.

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Learn more. Menu. Home; About Us; Amenities; Floor Plans; Photo Gallery; Contact; strident in a sentence Convivial in a sentence | convivial example sentences.